Bugabaloo How To: DIY Classroom Hall Pass Sign

Bugabaloo How To: DIY Classroom Hall Pass Sign

Bugabaloo How To: Free Printable Hall Pass SignThis hall pass system is super easy to make and it can save you a ton of time and frustration in class! A quick glance at this sign, and you can recall whether or not you have let a student leave the room and it can even teach your students to look at this hall pass sign before requesting a trip to the bathroom. When a student sees that a pass is missing, they will know to that they must wait until the student using the pass returns!  Use only the passes you need. Hang the hall pass sign near the classroom door where it can be reached by students and voila! For almost no cost, you have a charming and organized assortment of hall passes for your class!

Printable pages are in PDF format and include one completed hall pass sign, one blank hall pass sign, six completed clothespin labels, twelve blank labels, and a full set of instructions for creating your own hall pass sign with clothespin passes.

Bugabaloo How To: Free Printable Classroom Hall Pass SignWe've added a few pictures to give you a few ideas, but we'd love to see what you can do with them! Add your pictures to the comments below, post them to our Facebook page, or post them on Instagram and be sure to tag us (@BugabalooInc) for a chance to be entered in our monthly drawings!

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