Hi.  My name is Erin and I'm a craftaholic...and possibly a fabric hoarder.  Wait...I can explain!

By day I'm a single mom of two wonderful little bugs and I work full time as a marketing specialist. But by night, I'm a right-brained web-based entrepreneur with a passion for making all the pretty things.

In my first life, I was a happy middle school science and tech teacher and then later a wife who loved to make jewelry and sew to help augment my teacher's salary. In 2011 Bugabaloo, Inc. was born when I turned my passion for creating into a small, but growing business and I couldn't have been more excited! 

A few years after I started my business my first little bug was born, and then before I knew it along came my second! The joys and responsibilities of being a mom of two and a teacher meant that I had to push Bugabaloo to the back burner for a while, settling for turning my attention to my pet project, The Hive Handmade, where I could help other creative business owners market and grow their businesses, without fear of a baby or toddler grabbing for my fabric scissors or making a mess of my craft room.

Soon, it became clear that it would be best for my husband and I to part ways, and that's how my second life started. I made a few terrifying decisions that would allow my little bugs and I to have a much happier life.  I also quit my job, sold my house, moved back to my hometown to be closer to family, and started a new job with a flexible schedule (and no grading!)  Change is always scary, and adjusting to new things is always a challenge, but in this case, it has been the silver lining of our storm cloud.

Now that the dust has settled, I have been able to focus more on Bugabaloo and The Hive and I am so excited to be making again! It really is all about the little things that make you happy. I enjoy using bright, cheerful colors and prints in each of my creations and I love to challenge myself with each new piece. What truly makes me happiest of all is seeing the joy my work can bring to others.  You can't buy happiness, but you can buy handmade, and that's pretty much the same thing, right?


About the Director of Barketing


Walter the Director of BarketingWalter is a corgi with a nose for quality. He enjoys lounging under the work tables, taking up as much space as possible at Bugabaloo HQ, thoroughly inspecting everything that falls to the floor, and herding customers into our booth at craft shows.